Processing flow of handmade carpet

2022-12-25 JuTE carpet
1. Draw. After the craftsman has designed the pattern of the carpet, he must enlarge it according to the size of the carpet to make a blueprint. The blueprint is marked with squares, each of which is marked with different symbols. It represents different colors of wool. The weaver must weave according to the blueprint.

2. Dye yarn. Dye the yarn according to the required color of the drawing.

3. Hang the cloth. Print the finished plate on the cloth and hang the cloth on the fabric frame.

4. Manual bayonet. The carpet pile yarn is manually inserted into the special tire cloth, and various colored threads are combined into beautiful patterns.

5. Glue. Apply glue on the back of the blanket to fix the pile and shape.

6. Polythene. After the glue is applied, a layer of bottom cloth is applied to protect the glue surface and set the carpet.

7. Plane. Flatten and align the woolen yarn of different lengths on the carpet surface.

8. Cut flowers. The unique craft of handmade carpet is to use scissors to shape the patterns in the carpet pattern, highlighting the three-dimensional effect.

9. Trimming, secondary flat blanket and secondary flower cutting. Make the carpet surface look more perfect.

10. Clean. Clean the carpet surface.

11. Recheck. Check whether the carpet is qualified in all aspects.