Artificial turf and carpet have some similarities and differences

2022-12-25 JuTE carpet
Artificial turf and carpet have some similarities, such as:

1. They are all produced by tufting machine and can be classified as tufting carpet in terms of production process;

2. Requirements for color fastness of yarn;

3. They all need gum to fix yarn;

4. The gate width is relatively wide, generally four meters or two meters;

5. Generally, roll packaging is the main method.

In addition to the above common points, they have roughly seven differences:

1. Different occasions

Artificial lawns are mostly used outdoors, such as sports fields, gardens, roofs, balconies, etc., while carpets are generally used indoors, such as hotel rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, office buildings, waiting halls, hospitals, shopping malls, families, etc.

2. Different main performances

Artificial turf is widely used outdoors, so it has high requirements for sunscreen, anti-aging and waterproof. However, full carpeting is used indoors, which has high requirements for odor, combustion support and carpet back peel strength.

3. Different styles

Compared with the full carpet, the needle distance of artificial turf is wide and rough. The carpet surface is mainly made of cut down, which is very simple. The full carpet has cut down, loop down, and loop down, which have different styles, colorful flowers, exquisite carpet surface, and the quality requirements are far higher than the artificial turf.

4. Different colors

Grass is mainly green, so artificial turf is based on the growth law of natural grass all the year round, focusing on green. For example, spring grass has tender green, yellow green, emerald green, etc., and autumn grass is represented by yellow and green. The conventional full carpet is colorful according to the needs of the occasion.

5. Different fabric materials

The lawn is mostly made of PP or PE. In addition to PP, the carpet is also made of wool, wool blend, nylon, polyester and other fabrics.

6. Different carpet backs

The lawn carpet can be directly coated with a layer of glue, while the tufted carpet should be covered with a second back, such as gauze, jute, cloth back or non-woven fabric.

7. Different paving methods

The lawn blanket is directly paved, and the joint cloth is used for the joint. Some sports grass also needs to be filled with sand, a kind of quartz sand. In general, the full carpet should be paved with rubber pads first, then carpets. Wood thorn strips should be used around, and receipts should be used at the door.